Rhea Goddess candle

Rhea Goddess candle

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Our Rhea Goddess candle is handmade in Mauritius with 100% love and care!

We think our candle looks almost too good to burn, but if you do burn her we suggest you place her on a wipe clean, levelled, fire resistant surface such as a little dish. Our soy wax will melt when the candle is lit and can get a bit messy, however, our wax is water soluble so any spillages can be cleaned up with hot soapy water.

All our candles are unique as they are individually hand poured, however this may mean some slight imperfections may occur. Due to the 100% natural soy wax nature of the product, some 'frosting' may appear on the candle's surface. This is completely normal and won’t effect the candle in any way.

Size of small Rhea

Length: 9cm


Size of Larger Rhea

Length: 15cm

Width: 5cm