How to Choose the Best Candle Scents for You?

When it comes to buying, giving, or making candles the most important factor is generally to choose the best candle fragrances. How many times have you held a candle to your nose to smell the fragrance? 

It truly is a personal choice based on your experiences and as a matter of fact, where your nose has been…

Step 1: Consider Your Space

The first thing to think about when choosing a candle fragrance is where you plan to use it. Take, for example, the size of the space you plan to use a candle in.







You wouldn’t want to use a big overpowering scent in a small space such as a powder room, but in a large family room, the same scent might smell quite nice. 

This can also be said for types of candle scents, a soft floral scented candle such as my homemade lavender candles can be relaxing in the bedroom, but in the kitchen, it could interfere with the food aromas creating an unappealing smell. 

So if you are wondering if it’s OKAY to have a different candle in every room, the answer is of course! 

Step 2: Choose Your Candle Purpose





Candle Scents for Ambiance

Scented candles undoubtedly are one of the fastest ways to create ambiance. They can introduce a warm glow into any space, but it’s the candle scent that often gives the room a heightened ambiance.

So consider your purpose when choosing a candle scent for ambiance. A citrus scent is perfect for energizing a workspace. While an exotic scent, such as our signature night sparks can be stress relieving in the bath. 

Odor Neutralizing Candle Scents

Many times the purpose of a candle is to mask odors. Fresh citrus and woody candle scents are often excellent to mask odors. Yet there's always an aroma that stands out to me to mask any odor – coffee! The irresistible odor of roasted coffee beans is somewhat any nose is attracted to. And its unique, bold aroma is helpful to banish any scent – pets, seafood, garlic, even bathroom smells are no longer with a coffee scented candle.