Wellness Capsule

Wellness Capsule

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Our well-being is one of our top priorities, and we must always make sure it is taken care of properly. There are several ways to do so, and burning wellness candles is one. Our wellness capsule consists of 4 candles. 

Infused with essential oils, Our vegan soy wax candles use natural, sustainable ingredients.

Peace - 

The Peace Candle brings uplifting harmony for your mind, heart and soul. Light the Peace Candle whenever you need a moment of tranquility on a busy day, or as you sit down to meditate. Its woody and calming scent guides you to the stillness, clarity and composure deep within your soul. The refreshing notes of woody Vetiver, warm Amber, and earthy Moss take you to an ethereal forest – creating a nurturing space all around you.

This is your go-to candle whenever you need a moment of peace and to reconnect with your spirit. Light it up when you want to create a feeling of serenity in the present moment. Take a deep breath in, and let go of any unwanted energy as you exhale. Stay grounded with your inner light as you let the Peace Candle’s scent and glow infuse your space. 

Calm - 

Maintain a sense of calm in an otherwise hectic world. Relax and unwind with our Calm candle.

This soothing and calming essential oil blend contains Lavender, Bergamot, Tea Tree & Patchouli. Ingredients that create a peaceful atmosphere, relieve stress and reduce anxiety.


Joy - 

Bathe yourself in a signature scent matched perfectly to inspire you. “Joy” releases happy vibes dancing with a long-lasting Grapefruit melon and Mangosteen aroma. You will feel amazed by the joyous environment you can create for hours.

Hope -

An uplifting blend of floral jasmine, citrussy orange flower and exotic ylang ylang is perfectly complemented by red mandarin, warm tonka bean, earthy oakmoss and aromatic lavender. Hope is a bright, mood-boosting fragrance that encourages positivity of mind and body whilst providing a moment of quiet reflection, reassurance and optimism.