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Wax Warmer

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  • Stylish Design : Classic forest pattern design, Solid wood base, metal cover. Great décor for home, office, and hotel--just about anywhere and fully enjoy with this scented warmer in leisure time.
  • Freshening air : This wax melts warmer keeps the air smelling fresh and inviting. Choose your favorite fragrance to fill the air with a pleasant and relaxing aroma. The candle warmer is an excellent option to freshen your air.
  • Warmer & Night light : Uses as wax warmer and night light. Place a cube of wax on it, it can warm and melt scented wax, releasing favorite fragrance into the home. Also works as a night light, the soft light create a unique ambiance to any room.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection : The light bulb in the fragrance wax warmer acts as a safe heat source to melt fragrance wax cubes, providing a wonderfully inviting scent that will fill your home. Temperature stability, durability, no soot, no smoke, no flame--illuminated soft light provides a gentle glow.


1.Keep the lamp away from flammable items, such as paper.

2.Don’t let children touch the lamp.

3.Suggest using wax melts.

Note: No warranty